CADD Centre Customer Care


For over 2 decades, CADD Centre has been a very successful player in the CAD industry. We owe this to our customers who have always been at the core of our operations.

In whatever we do, we have ensured that it takes us closer to you, our customer; be it understanding your needs and delivering value that delight you, or the prompt service that has eliminated machine downtime and increased your productivity. Through a robust process and a professional customer care team, we have ensured that we consistently deliver our vision - “to transform our customer’s engineering and design vision into reality”.

CADD Centre Customer Care Values
  • Reliability - Our engineers have the ability to provide what was promised, time and again
  • Assurance - We have the knowledge, the experience and the ability to convey trust and confidence to our customers
  • Empathy - We approach every single customer with a high degree of care and individual attention
  • Responsiveness - Our engineers will be willing to help customers and provide prompt services cycle
  • 15.6-lakh-hours 575-Districts
  • 95%-Uptime 7800-hours
  • 94%-Satisfaction 100-Feedback
  • 100%-transperancy
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In continuation to the several customer centric actions, we are happy to announce the introduction of a new CRM initiative that will increase customer delight. With the help of a house grown technology, we have ensured a more transparent process with prompter service and a complete visibility to the stage-wise progress of every service call. With time and cost saving warranty alerts and a scheduled preventive maintenance process, we are sure that the new initiative will eliminate unforeseen downtime and improve your productivity. Here are some of the benefits that you will experience as a CADD Center customer:

  • Faster Response - All transactions right from call logging are mapped to the concerned teams and monitored continuously for closure.
  • Information on Time - The customer is well informed about call status, knows exactly when the machine will be attended to/
  • Better Service - Product champions / experts are assigned to attend to service calls (case to case basis)
  • Special Attention - Loyal customers are offered improved service levels with special service teams
  • No more Breakdowns - Scheduled preventive maintenance prevents unforeseen breakdowns
  • No more undue expenditure - Warranty expiry alerts protect the machine and prevent undue expenditure that may arise due to repairs and breakdowns
  • Availability of Consumables - A well planned system helps manage consumable stock better and eliminates stock-out situations
  • Smooth Transaction - Timely alerts are triggered for due date (CPRM monthly payment)
  • Continuous Service - Contract expiry will be automatically prompted and renewal process will be initiated
  • Transparency & Feedback - Insights into downtime for the entire customer life cycle is made available on demand. Customer satisfaction is continuously monitored with each service call and the results are analyzed and corrective action is taken to improve
Test  and Repair Centre

To enable a quick response to customer's repair call, CADD Centre has established an in-house Test and Repair Centre(TRC). The TRC is well equipped with the state of the art infrastructure that can test and repair even the most complicated electronic/ circuit related problems associated with wide format printers and scanners. The facility backs CADD Centre’s ability to minimize machine downtime by quickly identifying and rectifying the associated problem in a short span of time.