Power Industry


In the recent years, India’s energy consumption has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world due to economic development and population increase. With rapid industrial development, the industrial demand for power has also increased considerably.

Power generation companies and allied equipment manufacturers are now challenged not just to produce more power to meet the growing demands, but also ensure that its cleaner and environment friendly. In addition, power companies also need to design efficient transmission systems that will minimize transmission losses.

CADD Centre’s Proven Track Record 

Deriving value from the latest technology is often the decisive way of staying ahead of competition. For over 23 years now, CADD Centre has been playing a critical role in helping leading power plants and power generation equipment manufacturers differentiate themselves from competition.

Right from power plants, to power generation and transmission equipments manufacturers, we realize how important it is to translate the engineering and plant design into reality to generate electricity that is cleaner and less expensive.

An efficient power plant is the result of a great design and we ensure that you capture all the details of your engineering and plant design with 100% accuracy and run power plants with very high efficiency.

Industry Best Practices - Specially for you

CADD Centre has been working with several power plans and power generation equipment manufacturers to transform their design vision into reality. Some of the leading power generation and infrastructure companies who chose to trust CADD Centre to run their design office include:


Identifying and Strengthening the Weakest Link

CADD Centre is the only organization addressing end to end design needs of large manufacturing and design outfits- offering advanced training in design technologies and processes to the most sophisticated state-of-the-art printers, scanners and multi function systems in 2D and 3D.

How We Deliver Value? 
  • CADD Centre has been the first choice for leading power plants and power generation equipment manufacturers in realizing their design vision into a successful power plant
  • With our accumulated expertise in serving several power generation companies, we can quickly identify
  • Your design and engineering requirements
  • We partner with you not just to create high quality output but also improve your productivity
  • Drawing strength from the wealth of knowledge we have acquired, we can share the industry best practices with you to create a positive impact that can change the way you do business
  • We deliver a guaranteed outcome; not mere products

From creating high quality power generation equipments be it generators, turbines, boilers or transmission systems, CADD Centre has been at the center of creating successful power plants be it thermal, hydel, nuclear, solar or wind power. We are At the Center of every successful Power Plant!