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CADD Centre is the only organization addressing end to end design needs offering customers the state-of-the-art multifunction systems not just in 2D Wide Format Printers but also in 3D Printers. For several years now, CADD Centre has been partnering with leading 3D Printer OEMs from Europe and U.S.A . CADD Centre addresses customer requirements in the 3D printer space across several industry segments like product design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, education, jewellery, healthcare, Architecture and consumer products.

Plasto 200


Let Your Designs Speak

The CADD Centre Plasto 200 is an affordable, easy to use 3D Printer. With a large build size and rugged construction (Made in Europe), it is an ideal choice of every design and manufacturing company...

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Plasto 600


Think Big!

Presenting the CADD Centre PLASTO 600! Inspired by the hugely successful PLASTO 200 printer, the PLASTO 600 is twice as high, tripling the maximum build height. The build volume of the PLASTO 600...

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