Engineering Folder

CADD Centre ROWE Engineering Folder

Rowe Engineering Folder

Clean, Crisp Foldsa0 printer

The CADD Centre Engineering Folder produces Clean, Crisp Folds of all types of drawings within minutes, easily.

Folds set to your filing - Title Block up

You can now make perfect folds that fit your filing needs.  The Title Block will be visible on top to facilitate efficient filing.

Silent Operation  

The Folder works smooth and silent; you can place it in your design office for walk in folding!

Auto sensing & Auto picking of paper

Just insert the leading edge of the drawing and the Folder automatically senses, picks and starts to roll ! No need to “keep pressing” buttons !

Paper upto 350 gsmrowe_fold_5

The Folder can take all types of papers upto 350 gsm and deliver clean folds. Try out plain paper, blue prints, chart paper - all work well !

Customisable / Programmable settings for various fold patterns

You can program folding patterns and store them for later use. Just choose the folding pattern before inserting the paper and you get the desired fold pattern !

Zero consumables - Minimal running cost

The Folder is made in Germany - rugged and reliable. It is built for a long life and needs no special maintenance - just regular cleaning and general upkeep are sufficient ! No consumables and minimal running cost !

So Easy to usea0 paper

The CADD Centre ROWE Engineering Folder is simple and elegant to use; your designers can walk in, fold and walk away with crispy drawings in less than a minute. No dedicated operator needed !

Zero paper wastage - Can abort using Eject button

Just hold and insert the leading edge of the drawing straight into the rollers and you will get a perfect fold. Should there be mis-feed, not to worry ! Just press the Eject button and the folder rolls back to eject the paper ! Absolutely, no damage to the drawing !

Your drawings, Your reputation

Machine folded drawings enhance the image and brand value of your company. Often, International Project RFPs, specifically mandate drawings to be folded as per standards. Elevate your company image, buy the CADD Centre Engineering Folder now !

Modular construction Worldwide first, completely modular folding system, can be upgraded on-site to an online solution at any time check-mark-3-16
High-quality aluminum spaceframe construction Extremely stable chassis in aluminum spaceframe construction, extremely torsion resistant for maximum folding precision and durability check-mark-3-16
Quiet folding Optimal for integration into office environments thanks to state-of-the-art step motor technology  check-mark-3-16
Emission: not measurable in energy saving mode, in operating mode 50 db (A) in acc. with ISO 7779  check-mark-3-16
Fully automatic clearance of paper Easy clearance of paper from the folding space at the push of a button check-mark-3-16
Media width 210 mm - 960 mm (8.27” - 37.8”) check-mark-3-16
Media types / weights Normal and inkjet paper check-mark-3-16
Fan Folding Up to 2500 mm (98.43”)  check-mark-3-16
Up to 4000 mm (157.48”): see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/0
Up to 30 m (98.43 ft) or unlimited: see Endless Folding Kit 30/UNLIMITED (patented)  +/0
Cross folding Up to 1500 mm ( 59.06”) for DIN folding  check-mark-3-16
Up to 2500 mm (98.43”) for DIN folding: see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/0
Standard folding programs Fan folding: 190 mm/210 mm (7.48”/8.27”), 185 mm/210 mm, (7.28”/8.27”), 180 mm/210 mm ( 7.09”/8.27”), 198 mm (7.8”), 210 mm (8.27”) and 210 mm (8.27”) packet folding  check-mark-3-16
Cross folding: 297 mm (11.69”) and 305 mm (12.01”) +/0
Special folding programs Packet width fan folding: 180 mm - 305 mm (7.09” - 12.01”), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04”): see ROWE FOLD APP SE  +/0
Packet width fan folding: 90 mm - 420 mm (3.54” - 16.54”), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04”): see ROWE FOLD APP PRO +/0
Packet width cross folding: 210 mm - 305 mm (8.27” - 12.01”), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04”): see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/0
Packet width cross folding: 180 mm - 420 mm (7.09” - 16.54”), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04”): see ROWE FOLD APP PRO +/0
Filing margin 0 mm (0”), 20 mm (0.79”), 25 mm (0.98”) and 30 mm (1.18”)  check-mark-3-16
0 mm - 35 mm (0” - 1.38”), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04”): see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/0
ROWE FOLD APP LT² App for easy counter reading: folded documents, foldings and linear feet. Includes 12 pre-installed standard folding programs check-mark-3-16
USB interface For ROWE FOLD APP LT/SE/PRO, including USB cable check-mark-3-16
Folding standards DIN 824 A, B, C (A3, A2, A1, A0), AFNOR similar (A3, A2, A1, A0), ANSI (A, B, C, D, E), ARCH (A, B, C, D, E), Ericsson (A3, A2, A1, A0), French check-mark-3-16
Folding speed 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min) in offline operation, up to 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min) in online operation check-mark-3-16
Custom Speed² Reduction of folding speed in offline operation for special requirements. Included in the ROWE FOLD APP LT check-mark-3-16
Power connection Adopter type 24 Vdc / 50 - 60 Hz / 0.4 A check-mark-3-16
Power consumption Energy saving mode: < 0.8 Watt, operating mode: 58 Watt check-mark-3-16
Dimensions (mm) / Weight 1290 x 945 x 1010 (L x W x H) / 95 kg
Floor Stand, height adjustable 810-1010 mm (height feed table) in 40 mm steps
Interfaces RS 232 serial/CAN/USB check-mark-3-16
Certificates RoHS, CE, UL, cUL, CB, FCC Part 15 Class B, EAC check-mark-3-16

KEY : check-mark-3-16= Standard +/o = Can be upgraded on site

  1. All information - unless otherwise stated - applies to standard paper 80 g/m² (paper weight: 20 lb)
  2. Installation/configuration/counter reading via standard USB interface
  3. Base unit required for all combinations
  4. Minimum requirements table: width x depth: 1300 mm x 600 mm (51.18” x 23.62”) and a load capacity of 90 kg (198,42 lbs) plus the weight of the folding system and all modules selected.
  5. For offline configurations the output of folded documents with filing margin is to the  front delivery tray.
    * Available from 4th quarter 2015