CADD Centre Imaging Centre

What is CADD Centre Certified Imaging Centre (CCIC)

CADD Centre Certified Imaging Centre is a unique concept pioneered by CADD Centre to acknowledge select copyshops across the country with a special status that signifies quality of print, scan and copy services offered at the centre. It establishes a unique status for the shop that differentiates it from other competiting outlets and helps in servicing its customers better through superior services.

5 Reasons to go to a CADD Centre Imaging Centre !


Quality Prints and Scans

CADD Centre Imaging Centres use World-class equipment from Oce Technologies, The Netherlands. (Oce is a € 2.7 billion company and is the World's No: 1 in Engineering Printing Equipments). These machines are installed and maintained directly by CADD Centre Engineers. You can be assured that the best print or scan will be available to you from your nearest CADD Centre Imaging Centre!


Quick & Friendly Service

CADD Centre Imaging Centres offer their services to many large customers and are fully equipped and well trained to provide quick and friendly service! Some of them even offer pickup and same day return services. A chosen few will let you print on their printer directly from your desktop through Internet!


Affordable price

CADD Centre Imaging Centres offer their services at an affordable price - you will get the best value for your money!


Wide Range of Services

Most CADD Centre Imaging Centres offer a wide array of services - scan to file, scan to print, file to print, reduction & enlargement, upto A0 copying, CAD Services, Document Management Services…! You can choose a set of services you need!


Growing Chain

Look for the unique name board! Most major towns and cities in India have a chain of CADD Centre Imaging Centres - Copyshops that offer a wide range of high quality Document Production and Services. And the chain is growing stronger and wider!


Why become a CADD Centre Imaging Centre!


Differentiate yourself from competition

By becoming a CADD Centre Certified Imaging Centre, you can differentiate your shop from other competing outlets. You will no longer be seen as one more copyshop in that locality. Customers will see your shop as an exclusive centre providing specialized services at high quality.


You can utilize this distinction and attract more customers. Realizing the value of going to a CADD Centre Certified Imaging Centre, customers will visit your outlets repeatedly for their requirements.


Encash the reputation of 2 International brands!

Océ is a € 2.7 billion company (~Rs.20,000 crores) company. CADD Centre is India's largest CAD/CAE/Grafx Company. Both represent a rich image and high quality. Benefit by using these brands. You will receive an attractive display board (Frontlit flex) mentioning your shop name and services.


Will create customer pull! You can charge a premium for quality!


Your photograph on CADD Centre website!

Your photograph, plus the telephone number and address will be displayed on the CADD Centre website: Absolutely free!


All CADD Centre customers use drawings and prints. They may call you to avail your services!


Your shop will be listed in the CADD Centre Imaging Centre Directory!

CADD Centre will print an exclusive directory of all CADD Centre Imaging Centres in each state. This directory, with the contact details of each shop, will be sent to top Engineering, Construction companies, Goverment Departments etc., Absolutely free!


Special mailers to customers explaining the benefits of CADD Centre Imaging Centres!

CADD Centre Imaging Centre stands for quality prints at reasonable price. And our customers know it! To reinforce this, CADD Centre will send mailers to all CAD users in India.


Print & Copy jobs will gravitate to the nearest CADD Centre Imaging Centre!


Operator Training on Good Customer Service!

Your employees are good! They can become better by getting proper training. CADD Centre will organise a one-day training on "Good Customer Service", exclusively for CADD Centre Imaging Centre employees! In your local language! Absolutely free!


Better customer service means most repeat business!