Automotive Industry


The Indian Automobile industry has been witnessing a strong growth in recent times; thanks to the government’s industry friendly policies and infrastructure support several multinational brands have setup their manufacturing base in the country.

The arrival of newer players has triggered a healthy competition and has increased the choice for consumers. With improving benchmarks and increasing expectations from customers, manufacturers are now challenged to tune up their innovative skills in differentiating their products from competition; be it design, technology or user friendliness to produce automobiles which are safer and fuel efficient than their predecessors.

CADD Centre’s Proven Track Record

Deriving value from the latest technology is often the decisive way of staying ahead of competition. For over 23 years now, CADD Centre has been playing a critical role in helping automobile manufacturers differentiate themselves from competition. Be it Tier 1 automobile manufacturers or their automotive suppliers, the industry has been banking on CADD Centre for creating highly successful products.

At CADD Centre, we realize the importance of engineering design and the impact a great design can have on the final product. Right from conserving fuel, to improving the safety of the passenger, it is extremely important to manufacture a product as per the design specification, without any deviation.

A great product is the result of a great design and we ensure that you capture all details of your engineering design with 100% accuracy and create automobiles which are highly successful.

Industry Best Practices - Specially for you 

We have had over 15 years of association with leading companies in the automotive industry. The acquired knowledge and industry best practices help us build a unique productivity offering for brands like you. Some of the leading automobile brands who chose to trust CADD Centre to run their design office include :


Identifying and Strengthening the Weakest Link  

CADD Centre is the only organization addressing end to end design needs of large design outfits- offering advanced training in design technologies and processes to the most sophisticated state-of-the-art printers, scanners and multi function systems in 2D and 3D.

How We Deliver Value? 
  • CADD Centre has been the first choice for leading international and national brands in realizing a design vision into an automobile
  • With our accumulated expertise in serving several automotive companies, we can quickly identify your design and engineering requirements
  • We partner with you not just to create high quality products but also improve your productivity
  • Drawing strength from the wealth of knowledge we have acquired, we can share the industry best practices with you to create a positive impact that can change the way you do business
  • We deliver a guaranteed outcome

From creating high quality brakes, axles, fasteners, steering & suspension systems, CADD Centre has been at the center of creating successful automobiles be it motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks or tractors. We are At the Center of every successful Automobile!