CADD Centre 3Design Jewellery Software

Why use 3DESIGN Jewellery Software from CADD Centre?





  • 3DESIGN is an independent software company, belonging to GravoTech Group, France a solid international company with more than 1000 people, present in more than 35 countries and with a strong worldwide partner network.
  • Easy to use and logical, very close to the “thinking / approach of a Goldsmith”
  • Short learning curve, which allows quickly to achieve first successes and thus quick ROI.
  • 3DESIGN has specially been developed for jewelers and watch makers.
  • 3DESIGN advanced optional tools (3Shaper modelling software, Retopology for surface reconstruction, DeepImage rendering studio) are easily accessible in its interface.
  • Latest Technology: Associativity and parametric allow maximum flexibility. In one click, even the most complex designs can be completely changed (even months or years later). Designers focus on creating new models, quickly modifying existing ones, not lose their time in starting every project from scratch. Parametric technology means time and money saving! That is reason why 3DESIGN decided to use that technology, the same way as automotive and high-end technology industries are using it for some decades now!
  • Uses both surfaces and volumes, thus generating precise and faultless outputs for producing your models.
  • Intuitive and easy to use online help.
  • Works both on MAC OS and Windows OS.
  • The latest version, 3DESIGN CAD8, is result of over 15 years’ experience in jewelry design field; thanks to very close co-operation with prestigious reference customers (from the Haute-Joaillerie and luxury watch manufacturers from Switzerland). 3Designs offers a fully mature software solution, in addition to a rapid return on investment, and a lot of fun guaranteed at the creation!
  • World class support from CADD Centre the pioneers in CADD very soon.
  • CADD Centre will offer training course on 3DESIGN Jewellery Designing software. This will ensure continuous training for your 3DESIGN users all the time.