3D Scanners

CADD Centre is the authorised distributor of ZCorporation, Burlington, MA and sells & supports its complete range of ZCorp. products 3D printers, and 3D Scanners in India.

ZCorp. 3D printers are the fastest on the market, have the lowest operating costs, and are very affordable. Markets: Manufacturing, Architecture, Education, Geographic Information Systems, Healthcare, Entertainment etc.

In addition CADD Centre offers several material systems for each printer to satisfy varying modeling needs. The material options allow you to customize the model properties for each application, further enhancing the convenience of ZCorp. 3D printers.

Z Scanner 700


The ZScanner 700 is the first truly portable laser scanner. This state-of-the-art laser scanner helps engineers improve design and inspection…

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Z Scanner 800


The ZScanner 800 has all the capabilities of the ZScanner 700 plus higher resolution and accuracy suitable for demanding 3D…

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