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10 Reasons to buy a Plasto 200 from CADD Centre

1. Sturdy Design

2. High Reliability - Made in Europe

3. Large Build Size

4. Dual Color Parts

5. Easy to learn, Easy to use

8. Filament Choices

10. CADD Centre Support

7. Spares Availability

9. Design Hand holding for years

6. Trained Executives from the CADD Centre Training Network

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Three-dimensional data has become
the standard in virtually every
industry from manufacturing
to entertainment...
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For over 2 decades, CADD Centre
has been a successful player in the
CAD industry...

CADD Centre

Transforming your Engineering Vision to Reality

CADD Centre forayed into 3D printing eight years ago providing a Professional Range of 3D printer solutions. Quick validations of designs and the need to reduce the time to market in order to be ahead of competition has necessitated many companies to have 3D printers thereby reducing the design to manufacturing.

CADD Centre is the only organization addressing end to end design needs offering customers the state-of-the-art multifunction systems not just in 2D Wide Format Printers but also in 3D Printers. For several years now, CADD Centre has been partnering with leading 3D Printer OEMs from Europe and U.S.A . CADD Centre addresses customer requirements in the 3D printer space across several industry segments like product design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, education, jewellery, healthcare, Architecture and consumer products.

3D Printing Applications

A guaranteed outcome

From full color concept models to functional prototypes and complex 3D printed end use parts for manufacturing applications. Our 3D solutions including printers, softwares and services to help streamline the design process and deliver products to market with speed and precision.

End-Use Parts

Innovative companies across a wide range of industries are using production 3D printing to deliver end use parts and custom products today. For high value, low volume rapid manufacturing or mass customization – its available…


3D Systems options for prototyping verify designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production; plus reduce costly modifications to production tooling. No matter how challenging your project – we have a solution for you.

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Industries We Serve

Revolutionizing Design &  Manufacturing Industry

Three-dimensional data has become the standard in virtually every industry from manufacturing to entertainment, and 3D Systems 3D printing, rapid manufacturing and 3D authoring tools and technologies are ideally suited to the needs of these specialized applications.

who we are


For over 25 years CADD Centre has been offering the most comprehensive range of products and services to the Design, Drafting, Engineering, Manufacturing and Consultancy organizations in all parts of India. CADD Centre is reputed for its strong all round technical expertise, efficient support and customer care. It holds the most dominant brand in the design industry and enjoys the maximum mind share amongst its customers.

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News & Events

  • Conference on Future of Automotive Design
    CADD Centre participated in Conference on Future of Automotive Design organized by CII Chennai. We had a well appreciated Conference with middle and senior management visitors from Automotive Industry who...
  • TIPS Global institute won the First Tech Challenge
    Students from The Indian Public School (TIPS) here have emerged the national winner in First Tech Challenge — a competition for school students in varying branches of robotics, conducted internationally...
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Let Your designs speak

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Turn your printer into a communicator

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Compact High Speed Printing, Copying and Color Scanning Systems